Customized Training Plans

Training Plans.The personal plan is a comprehensive approach designed to meet your goals. This plan is periodized to train you to achieve peak performance at your selected race/races. The plan takes your past experiences, your goals, target race specifics, and your current fitness and training status into account and balances this with your available training time and lifestyle. All of which will help you transition to the next level and be successful in your training and racing.


Individual sessions.


One on One in Person Sessions. This personalized approach to coaching brings you face to face with your coach. If you need stroke or gait analysis,  weight training instruction this may be for you, or simply an in person workout with your coach, then this is for you. Sessions are pro-rated per hour at $90 for non-current athletes, and $70 for current athletes.

Phone Consults. Are you a self coached athlete who needs help now? Call me with specific questions about up-coming races or training questions. $90/hour for non-current athletes. Current athletes get help whenever they need it for no additional fee. 😀

Nutrition consult.Estimates for total caloric intake, % of macronutrients calculated, food log review, hydration and nutrition suggestions for training and racing. $200.

Other services

Clinics and presentations.    I offer clinics and classroom presentations related to all areas of endurance training: triathlon, swimming, cycling, and running. If you are interested in a clinic being held in your area please contact me.

Lactate Threshold estimates. This test will allow you to apply a scientific approach to your training. By estimating your Lactate Threshold or Functional Threshold Power (for cyclists with power meters on their bike) through testing, and training with it as your guideline, you can dramatically improve performance. The old simple heart rate formula of "220 - your age" does not allow for maximum training benefit. Testing is done on the treadmill for running, and on the CompuTrainer for cycling. $100.

Off Season Strength Training plans. This plan will allow you to focus your attention specifically on building the strength you need in your sport to improve your performance next season. If your goal is to add power to your pedal stroke, improve your ability to climb, or improve efficiency and power in the water this plan is for you. $100/month.


What the plans include

  • A detailed schedule that breaks down every workout for you, with specific details for the warm up, main set, and cool down.
  • Workouts written around your specific training parameters: heart rate, power, speed, pace, rating of perceived exertion, and cadence targets.
  • Schedules built around information about your current workouts, your fitness level, your strengths and weaknesses, your personal goals (eg: increase hill speed, get stronger in the water, increase power on the bike), and any training limitations you may have (eg: masters swim meets on Mondays, can’t ride the bike on Tuesdays, only have 3 hours during the week to train, but 7 on the weekends, etc).
  • Periodized training cycles that incorporate appropriate rest and varied and targeted work phases so that you can peak for your target race/s.
  • Training weeks built around how much time you can spend training, and the best way to fit it in around the rest of your life.
  • Nutritional strategies for training and racing.
  • Race prep and taper info, plus transition training (if you are a triathlete), and race day strategies to maximize your performance.
  • Advice on technique, strategy and other aspects of training and competition.
  • Strategies to improve your form, speed, endurance, power, strength, your confidence/mental approach to racing, or whatever your particular concern is.
  • Race selection guidance for season planning.
  • Access to the coach via email or phone if you have any questions. This is what truly makes our coaching special. Life will happen while you make other plans, so let us help you adapt to all the curves that get thrown to your training.
  • Detailed feedback on your workouts and performance, and appropriate adjustments made to your schedule.


Who do i train?

Advice and training plans for runners, swimmers, and cyclists – you don’t have to be a triathlete for us to help you improve your performance or reach a lifelong goal.

TriCoachDara works with complete novices, experienced age groupers, elite, and masters athletes.


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