$400.00 per month

(4 weeks)

Tailored, personal plan with fully periodized cycles, detailed workouts, and unlimited email/phone contact with coach (initiated by the client). 

Mental skills training included.

Hydration and nutrition specifics also included.

Daily schedule adjustments made in accordance with your needs.

$70.00 One on one session with coach for current athletes
$90.00 One on one session with coach for NON-current athletes
$250 Nutrition consult- includes: total caloric intake recommendations, percent of macronutrients calculated, food log review, hydration and nutrition suggestions for training and racing.

There is a $50.00 initial, one time, fee for setting up your account as I gather all the information necessary to address your racing and training goals. This fee covers the following analyses and planning:

  • Physical and mental health history questionnaire
  • Training and race history evaluation
  • Strategic race season planning (annual training plan)
  • Training heart rate, pace and power (if applicable) training and racing zone calculations
  • Training and racing gear consultation

These training plans use a comprehensive approach designed to meet your goals. All TriCoachDara plans are personalized and periodized, so that the correct levels of work, rest, and varied training phases are balanced to prepare you for peak performance at your selected race/s. Each tailored plan takes your past experiences, current fitness, goals, schedule limitations, and training abilities into account and balances these elements with your available training time and life circumstances. All of that will enable you to reach your goals and be successful as you train and race!

All the workouts are delivered and analyzed via TrainingPeaks.com- the most powerful and comprehensive training data analysis software there is!