Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching
Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching
Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching

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Transitioning Athletes to the Next Level

TriCoachDara was created to offer endurance athletes sound and educated coaching. As an endurance athlete myself, I regard the athletes I coach with the highest degree of admiration and respect. I hope that you will consider me as an option for your training and racing needs. Let me help you tap your strengths and attain your athletic dreams.

Coaching Vision Statement:

My vision is to be known as a world class coach; as one who comes to the table with what you want and need as an age group athlete: experience, knowledge, adaptability, sensitivity, and wisdom. Coaching is an art and a science, and in my ongoing efforts to be the best in my field I strive to implement well thought out, complete, tailored and periodized training plans to facilitate the work and rest cycles every athlete needs to fully develop and recover. Effective coaching discovers the balance between science and individual experience that will allow each athlete to transition to the next level and reach his or her goals and dreams.
Coaching Mission Statement:

My mission is to provide my athletes with the individual attention each deserves to best help him or her attain their training and racing goals. Through my own coaching experience, network of resources, and ongoing education, I aim to provide my athletes with the knowledge and skills they need for all aspects of successful triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming. My mission is to use my accredited studies, personal experience of racing and training athletes of all levels, and passion for athleticism to help my athletes reach their goals and potential, regardless of age, gender, or experience level. And I vow to make it all fun!

Dara Wittenberg, M.S.

USA Triathlon Level II certified coach
USA Cycling Expert Level Coach
RRCA certified Endurance Running coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist, CISSN
Adjunct instructor, Florida Atlantic University, Exercise Science Department
and IDEA Advanced PFT

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