Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching
Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching
Triathlon, Endurance and Multi sport coaching

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Dara Wittenberg, M.S.
USA Triathlon Level II certified coach
USA Cycling Expert Level Coach
RRCA certified Endurance Running coach
Certified Sports Nutritionist, CISSN
Adjunct instructor, Florida Atlantic University, Exercise Science Department
and IDEA Advanced PFT

Triathlon and other endurance event training represent a serious commitment of time, resources and energy. Coaching tailored to your needs, abilities, and lifestyle is of tremendous benefit to help you get the most out of your commitment and to reach your potential. Be sure you are training to achieve your goals, stay healthy and injury free, and to get the biggest training effect possible.

Dara Wittenberg, M.S. has developed both customized and off-the-shelf training plans to assist you in your development as an athlete and to bring you to your next level of achievement in your sport of choice.

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